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Attention Men: If you feel like you’re drifting through life, disconnected, detached, and lacking clarity of what it truly means to be an authentic man. Here's a...


This Unique SYSTEM Is Helping Thousands Of Men Become The Best Version of Themselves - Could You Be Next?

Imagine a world...

Where MEN:

  • LEAD in their Marriages
  • LEAD in Raising their Children
  • LEAD in their Careers
  • LEAD in Protecting those Who are Weak and Oppressed

It Gives Men A Vision For Manhood As Modeled By Jesus In His 33 Years On Earth.

This system gives you what is needed to stand on firm ground and become the man you were designed to be. If you’re not where you want to be in your life right now… it’s NOT your fault!

Every man needs the right information and training. This system gives you the training needed to unleash the potential within you.  

There’s never been a greater time than now for you to unlock your full Authentic Manhood™. This model is based on biblical principles, and the 33 years Jesus walked this earth.

The challenge for us men is… nobody teaches us how to become men. 

This system solves this.

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From the desk of: Steve Snider
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Date: {{long-date}}

Dear friend,

Hi, I’m Steve Snider, and I’ll fully introduce myself in just a moment.

First, I want you to take a look at the image below…
According to Colorado State University...
  • 85% of men are responsible for murder.
  • 90% of men are responsible for assault.
  • 95% of men are responsible for domestic violence.
  • ​95% of men are responsible for dating violence.
  • ​95% of men are responsible for child sexual abuse.
  • ​99.8% of men are responsible for rape. 
You see...

Our world desperately needs better men. Our families and our kids desperately need better men. Our neighborhoods, cities, workplaces, and churches are hungry for men…
Who will step up, lead, and take initiative for the benefit of others.

We need authentic men who will fight for what really matters most.
It’s time for a change and a clear path towards Authentic Manhood™.


Becoming Who YOU Were...


Steve Snider - President of
Hi, My name is Steve Snider,

Welcome to Authentic Manhood™ 

A bold movement that’s leading men to live a life of truth, passion, and purpose… that we were created to live.

This was born out of a need I saw during decades of working with men in bible studies.

As a leader of that movement, I felt that bible study alone was not the answer... 
But authenticity, community along with a strong biblical perspective was the key to helping men on their journey.  

What this means for you is… You’re in the right place for achieving Authentic Manhood™.

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of men of the past few decades... 
  • BECOME LEADERS in their communities
  • BECOME BETTER HUSBANDS to their spouses
  • BECOME BETTER FATHERS to their children
  • BECOME BETTER FRIENDS to other men
You my friend, are on the right page... at the right time! Let me introduce you to Corwin Oglesby. He went through this life changing series, and here’s what he had to say…
The success Corwin and other men are having with 33 The Series™ is NOT by accident. It’s happening because we’ve developed a proven map for all men to follow.

We call this...

Your Roadmap Towards...


This series takes you back to God's original design for man… and accelerates you into the life that God created for you. 

We’ve left nothing to chance, and have created a proven roadmap for you to follow. Men who go through the 33 The Series™ are going to another level in their life.

It’s extremely powerful, and is game-changing for all men. Let me introduce you to Lecrae, a Christian recording artist.

Here’s what Lecrae has to say... 
Christian recording artist

"Every man needs a roadmap..."

"I’m extremely excited about 33 The Series™ because every man needs a roadmap as to what it means to be an authentic man. 

What is authentic masculinity? 

33 The Series™ tackles that and gives us all insight and wisdom. 

I’m a product of that and I’ve definitely benefited greatly from all the information and all the resources"

- Lecrae
Christian recording artist
It’s amazing to see men stepping into their true Authentic Manhood™. Regardless of where you are in life right now, there is a better way.

Meet Doug. 

He had hit rock bottom and become so jaded, he didn’t believe in God anymore. Here’s what Doug has to say after going through this life-changing series...

"33 provided a road map for me..."

"33 The Series™ has been a game-changer in my life. 

I had hit rock bottom and become so jaded that I didn’t even believe in God. 

I was lost on the highway of life and 33 provided a road map for me."

- Doug
Rockford, IL
If you can relate to Doug’s story, then you’re in the right place. Here’s what I want you to know... you’re NOT broken! 

You’ve simply received bad data from the past. The way out of pain, and towards Authentic Manhood™ starts by...

Upgrading Your Masculine...


There’s a great need for men to rise up, and be the man you’ve always wanted to become.

33 The Series™ gives you what’s needed to have a STRONG FOUNDATION and become the man you were designed to be.

It’s time to upgrade your masculine operating system because most men’s current system has faulty data in it. This one of the main reasons most men suffer from the 8 current realities of manhood, we talked about.

See, the REAL PROBLEM stems from what I call... the “Illusions of Masculinity”, and I’ll share these with you in a minute.

Just know for now that you’re NOT alone on this journey. There is a better way for you to achieve, and have Authentic Manhood™. And you can begin this journey, starting within the next few minutes from now.

And the best part is… 

This Works for ALL MEN

While the content is rooted in the example of Jesus, you don’t have to be a Christian or believe certain things to participate or be welcomed into the community. 

There are men using 33 The Series™ everywhere from churches to cigar shops. Listen to what Bob Miller, Owner of City Place Cigars, in Lynchburg, VA says...
Bob Miller
Owner, City Place Cigars, Lynchburg, VA

"I think you guys have a winner..."

"Just wanted to give an update on our study at City Place Cigars, we are having consistently over 40 guys in attendance... 

A good mix in age - some unsure of their faith.The feedback has been outstanding. 

Our discussion times have been very candid and open. 


- Bob Miller
Owner, City Place Cigars, Lynchburg, VA
33 The Series™ works for all men, as you can see! Now, if you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this type of information before... 

It’s because the main street media DOESN’T want you to know about itThey have their own agenda for men, and we call this...

The Illusions Of...


If you’re not where you want to be in your life as a man… it’s NOT your fault!

Most men today have had their manhood shaped by modern media and advertising agencies. These BIG companies get paid the BIG BUCKS to sell us the illusions of masculinity. They encourage men to be lazy consumers and seek out instant gratification. This type of behavior creates what we call a... “Childish Consumer”. 

This keeps a man looking externally for answers, focusing on himself… and becoming distant, disconnected, and stuck in pain from past trauma. 33 The Series™ reveals these illusions of masculinity and allows men to see the truth of what they truly can become.

The reality is this…

Every man needs the right information and training. Most of us are NOT taught how to become an authentic man. With the help of God and 33 The Series™... this gives you the training needed to unleash the potential within you right away. 
Meet Steve Hopper.

Steve is from Hillside Community Church, and has this to say…
Steve Hopper
Hillside Community Church, Porterville, CA

"I am impressed with the new truths..."

"We just completed 'A Man and His Design' in the 33 the Series at our church. It went very well. 

I have watched each session three times, and each time I am impressed with the new truths or reminded of important things I need to implement. 

The content, the graphics, the video clips, the music, and the length of the sessions, are all done very well. 

I am very sold on this and believe men across the country can benefit from these great sessions."

- Steve Hopper
Hillside Community Church, Porterville, CA
Let me also introduce you to Bill Shelnutt, Director of Religious Education, Ft. Hood, TX

Here’s what Bill has to say about 33 The Series™…
Bill Shelnutt
Director of Religious Education, Ft. Hood, TX

"The best men’s material he's ever seen..."

"I'm a retired Military Chaplain and I function as the Director of Religious Education for the US Military in Fort Hood.

Mark Fischer, one of our Cadence Missionaries, is reviewing 33 The Series™ and preparing to present it in the near future. 

He told me the other day it was probably the best men’s material he has ever seen. 

Thanks for the great resource."

- Bill Shelnutt
Director of Religious Education, Ft. Hood, TX
Imagine, becoming the man you were created to be.

Having the friendships, relationships and love for yourself that you deserve. Becoming the leader you were born to be, and stepping into your Authentic Manhood™ 

This is why...


There’s never been a greater time than NOW for you to step into your Authentic Manhood™ Reason being… many men lack clarity about what it truly means to be a man. 

As a result...


They’re disappointed with life and find themselves lonely and drifting. 

They’re comparing and competing, focused mainly on trying to keep up with everybody else. Too many guys don’t know how to answer the question … 

“Who am I as a man?” … and they end up settling for a “less-than” life. 

They don’t have a compelling manhood vision that is bigger and more meaningful than conventional manhood... 

That much of the world seems to be chasing.

Here’s the good news... 

God has a really clear purpose and vision for us as men that is unique to us as men... 

And he lays it out for us right there in his word. We call it … Authentic Manhood™, and it’s not only clear... It's inspiring, exciting, and motivating.

I’ll share all the details of 33 The Series™ in just a moment. For now, know this... for things to change we have to change, and for things to get better we have to get better.

Authentic Manhood™ can be that change you’ve been looking for right now. Let’s take a look at where this comes from...

The PROVEN Model for...


This model of Authentic Manhood™ is based on biblical principles, and the 33 years Jesus lived on this earth.

It’s battle-tested and changing the lives of men all over the world. 

Let’s look at our leaders for the first volume of 33 The Series™.

First up is...
John Bryson
John serves on the board of Acts29 and as a church planting coach with Fellowship Associates.

John Bryson

John has a doctorate in Leadership from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, he is the author of College Ready, and travels the country consulting and investing in churches, leaders and great ideas. 

Along with being a Teaching Pastor and Elder at Fellowship Memphis, John serves on the board of Acts29 and as a church planting coach with Fellowship Associates.

John and his wife Beth were married in 1994 and are the proud parents of Brooke, Beck, Bo, Boss and Blair.
Next up is...
Bryan Carter
Bryan is the Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, Texas.

Bryan Carter

Bryan Carter taught the original Men’s Fraternity curriculum to a group of more than 800 men over a three-year period at Concord Church. 

Additionally, he has been a frequent speaker at local and international churches, conferences, and events. 

Bryan is the Senior Pastor of Concord Church in Dallas, Texas. 

He and his wife Stephanie are the parents of two daughters, Kaitlyn and Kennedy, and one son, Carson.
This leads us to our next leader of this series...
Tierce Green
Tierce taught the principles of biblical manhood to over a thousand men each week... over a seven-year period in a seasonal gathering called The Quest in The Woodlands, TX.

Tierce Green

Tierce Green is the Director of Authentic Manhood Initiative.

Helping to build a global network of men with the timeless principles of biblical manhood. 

AMI is a strategic partnership with Authentic Manhood and 33 The Series™…

Tierce taught the principles of biblical manhood to over a thousand men each week... over a seven-year period in a seasonal gathering called The Quest in The Woodlands, TX. 

He speaks for conferences, retreats and other events helping men discover God’s original design and purpose for manhood while equipping the church as a whole to grow deep in their intimacy with God and influence with others. 

Tierce and his wife Dana were married in 1987 and have one daughter. 

These 3 men are ready to get you started on your journey towards Authentic Manhood™ and becoming who you were created to be.

Now, let me share with you...

How It All Works With The... 


It all starts with volume #1: A Man and His Design.

Here’s a quick overview of each training module...

Training #1:

Manhood Realities

  • Many men lack clarity of what it means to be a man. In this lesson, you’ll discover why this is, and how to get clarity quickly... so you’re moving in the right direction.
  • The MANHOOD ASSEMBLY LINE has neutralized a lot of men. Here you’ll see how to get off the machine, and start living at a higher purpose.
  • Discover the 5 FACTORS to this historical crisis of manhood that started over 200 years ago. See how society has systematically dismantled manhood, so you don’t fall into this trap anymore.
Next, you’ll move on to...

Training #2:

Create and Cultivate

  • Men were created for a noble purpose. In this lesson you’ll learn how to bring clarity to your confusion. Once you have this clarity, your world opens up in a whole new light.
  • ​We’ll look at the book of Genesis at where it all starts. Here you’ll see how God models leadership by the two main principles… create and cultivate. This is the foundation towards the new you.
  • When men don’t lead... chaos follows. You’ll learn how to step into that leadership role in your life, with a solid foundation based in these biblical principles.
Then it’s on to…

Training #3:

Manhood Definition

  • Why trying to do this on your own only leads to disappointment and lack of growth. In this lesson, you’ll discover the TWO main factors towards creating long term success.
  • God gave us 3 LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES. Once you add these into your life, it’s like having the keys to the kingdom. Everything opens up for you, and your life takes on a whole new purpose.
  • ​Discover the difference between Conventional Manhood and Authentic Manhood™. Here’s where you’ll start moving out of the old model into your new Authentic Manhood™.
Next up for you, we get into the 4 faces of manhood.

It all starts with…

Training #4:

The King & Warrior

  • The ONE THING man’s primal issue is... and how to overcome it. Once you overcome this, your life steps up to a whole new level. Connecting with others begins to happen naturally, and your relationships begin to accelerate.
  • Society has depicted manhood to be one-dimensional. This is one of the reasons for the current state of manhood and its decline. We’ll introduce you to the 4 faces of manhood… and you’ll discover how to become a multi-dimensional man.
  • Discover the faces of the KING and WARRIOR, and how to integrate these into your life on a daily basis. Once you start using these two faces correctly, you start becoming a more authentic man.
At this point you’re starting to see things like never before. Colors become more vibrant, and your anxiety starts to slowly melt away…

Because you’re learning how to use these strategies, and tools to step into your Authentic Manhood™. But, we’re not done yet.

Next, it’s on to...

Training #5:

The Lover & Friend

  • In this lesson, the two faces we’ll look at are the LOVER and FRIEND. Here you’ll discover how to navigate your own heart, feelings, and emotions, which are the KEY to Authentic Manhood™
  • Relational capacity requires men to engage emotionally. Once you understand how to achieve this, your relationships take on a deeper level of meaning. This eliminates loneliness and fills your soul as nothing else can.
  • ​A man’s willingness to show affection and caring to connect, mark him as a leader and a man of god. You’ll learn exactly how to step into this and move away from passivity. Your relationships, friendships, and connections with others will move to a whole new level.
Finally, we’ll wrap up with...

Training #6:

The 4 Seasons

  • A man’s life is not one-dimensional, it’s multi-dimensional. Now you understand how to interact with your 4 faces… it’s time to navigate your way through the 4 seasons of manhood. You’ll now have your map to guide you through your journey.
  • ​You’ll begin with the end in mind. We’ll show you how to know exactly where you’re at now, and what season you’re in. This way you’re able to navigate it with ease and confidence
  • ​Get the 4 keys to transitioning through each season. Once you know these 4 keys, moving through each season of manhood is easy, and you’ll glide right through them. Without understanding these 4 keys, the pitfalls of each season can send your life into a tailspin. 
33 The Series™ is the ultimate system for men, and unlike anything you’ve experienced before. 

Ok, I know you’re excited and ready to go. 

Let Me Show You How To...


Introducing 33 The Series™ Volume 1 Starter Kit...
33 The Series™ Gives Men a Vision for Manhood!
Quick question for you…

What has it cost you to NOT move forward in your life?

I’ve been there... I’ve been lured in by the idols, hidden behind the mask. I’ve felt the weight of trying to be everything but myself.

I know these lies about manhood are killing the souls of men... making us feel like we never measure up, and keeping us from real connection with each other.

Maybe you feel the never-ending pressure... to earn, to win, to never be weak.

It’s almost as if it’s not safe, to be honest without losing respect. It can feel like you’re alone in this... and that you have to be fake to be “a real man.”

That’s why it’s critical we get 33 The Series™ in the hands of as many men as possibleIt’s taken a lot of time, money, and resources to bring this powerful system to men.

Listen to what John Lusk, Senior Minister Denver Church of Christ, Denver, CO has to say about the quality of the program...
John Lusk
Senior Minister, Denver Church of Christ, Denver, CO

"It has been nothing short of AMAZING!..."

"We have completed the first six weeks of 33 The Series™. 

It has been nothing short of AMAZING! I am extremely impressed by how well constructed, crafted, and presented all the material is. 

From the lessons to the speakers to the vignettes, to the music, to the cinematography” it is all top-notch."

-John Lusk, Senior Minister
Thanks, John!

Here’s the thing...

Instead of charging $2,000.00, $1,000.00 or even $500 dollars for this program… even at that price is a small drop in the buck for the amazing results you’ve seen on this page.

We’ve decided, because OUR MISSION is helping as many men as possible…you can grab 33 The Series™ volume #1 for a one-time payment of only $130.00!

But, wait… I’ve got more good news for you.

When you place your order today, we’ll take almost 70% OFF the normal retail price.

This means when you get started RIGHT NOW, you’ll be saving $83.00 bucks! So, your price for 33 The Series™ volume #1 is NOW ONLY $47!

Plus, I'm going to go one step further... and completely eliminate any risk on your part for the NEXT YEAR!


For the NEXT 365 days!
I’m so confident in 33 The Series™. 

When you commit to this program for the next 365 days and take action. If you're not moving into your Authentic Manhood™, and growing as a man in every way.

Simply contact us and we’ll happily refund your $47… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Yes, you read that right… you’re getting a 1-year money-back guarantee. Quite simply, if we can't help you step into your Authentic Manhood™... then we don't deserve your money.

OK, you've see the results men are achieving from the 33 The Series™... 

It's NOW...


I’m excited for you because you’re about to take your first step towards Authentic Manhood™... and becoming who you were created to be.

It all comes down to these 3 options...

OPTION #1: Do Nothing. 

If you decide this option... you'll close out this page and go back to your daily routine and your life stays the same.

OPTION #2: Say NO. 

At this point, you realize 33 The Series™ is NOT for you. 

That’s completely OK... because this series is not for everyone. We've got a lot of free training on our main site, feel free to check it out anytime.

OPTION #3: Get Started Right Now. 

If you decide this option, everything changes for you... starting within the NEXT FEW MINUTES!

When you make this decision you're on your way to becoming the man you were created to be.

You’re simply minutes away from stepping into your Authentic Manhood™

The choice is yours to decide.
Authentic Manhood™ is Waiting for YOU!
Reg Price $130.00, Get It Today for...

One-Time Payment of Only $47!

Steve Snider
Steve Snider - President of
Thank you for taking your time and reading this message.

We ALL need this vision of manhood. 

Join us today in making a difference for all men!

Steve Snider, President
Authentic Manhood™ 12115 HINSON ROAD, SUITE 200, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 72212
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